Merchant Services Fees

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You’re an expert in your field, and people used to persistently seek you out. But, things have changed and you just don’t yet see how technology can benefit your business practices. Sure, you may have the latest and greatest computers and super-fast Internet access, but you haven’t yet really sought….....

Why It Might Be Time for a Virtual Assistant

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Does this sound like your typical day? You start with scanning through and ultimately answering a slew of emails that somehow collected through the night. Then, you move onto accounts payable, followed closely by - your favorite - accounts receivable. You’re starting to feel buried just as the phone rings,….....

How Low Interest Impact Small Business

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Ever wanted to fire your bank? If you’re like millions of business owners, you likely look at the bank as a necessary frustration. You drive up, give them your money, and quietly accept their wait times and lofty fees. Most importantly, it is the interest rates that most affect small….....

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